About Us

About Us

Integrated Healthcare Strategies and Analytics Limited

Integrated Healthcare Strategies and Analytics (IHSA) Limited is a new generation health management consulting firm founded to become a strategic partner in the drive for progressive transformation and improvements in healthcare delivery through innovation and technology.
We are a trusted partner with contextual knowledge, technical expertise and wealth of evidence-based information in health systems and services.
IHSA has assembled expertise and leading minds in health system with the aim of supporting government and stakeholders to identify challenges, opportunities, and implement strategies for better healthcare.
Our multidisciplinary team have expertise and experience to help our clients achieve specific goal, a set of goals or general objectives, and provide insights for unlocking challenges in the health system.

IHS is driven by a strong sense of vision, mission and values that enable us to empower our clients and partners to deliver solutions that change performance, from planning and project formulation to implementation, monitoring and evaluation.


IHSA will be a provider of internationally recognized and sought-after consulting services to our clients and partners based on our expertise and integrity.

Core Values

The firm is a growing concern that embodies great sense of purpose, innovation, technology drive and constant call for renewal.


Our Mission is to facilitate making healthcare better and people healthier.


Our goal is to support the strengthening of the health system for better health outcomes.


  • We are working with growing number of governments and external partners to provide the best possible technical and policy support in order to strengthen health system and improve health outcome.

  • We constantly receive requests from stakeholders governmental and non- governmental for technical assistance, policy guidance and expertise advice.

  • We promote and support the adoption of successful innovations